Evan’s Folly

Approximately sixteen years ago, the famous bard and explorer Evan Quicktongue recovered an artifact known as ‘The Blackened Book’ from a lost dwarven hold near the village of Rockbreak. Shortly after this, creatures of all shapes and sizes began to appear across the countryside. For the span of nearly five years, the lands of Veserund were assaulted by armies of creatures that seemed to descend from both above and below the mountains.

Five years later, Evan was slain along with all resident’s of the town of Evan’s End. Now, almost eleven years later, the ruins of Tanner’s Mill (now called Evan’s End) remain a dangerous place, haunted by the ghosts of the slain, and the creatures that slew them. The vast armies of creatures have dispersed, but not before laying siege to Kingsfall and killing King Stanislaus von Gryphon and all known members of the royal family. While the creatures are no longer united, they remain… lurking in the places where the light of civilization does not shine.

Vast open areas separate inhabited areas, creating danger that threatens any form of travel. The king is dead, and no legitimate heirs were left to fill the throne. Now villages pledge fealty to the warlords and nobles who are strong enough to protect them. Cities have become feifdoms unto themselves. The Crystal Tower, Veserund’s only recognized college of magic, is split, squabbling about their future and the future of Veserund without a rightful king.

For those brave enough, and strong enough to venture outside of the cities, there is much to be had. Ruins of human settlements dot the landscape. Forgotten dwarven holds still contain lost treasure. Severed relations with the elves of Veserund Vale need to be restored.

The Legacy of Evan's Folly

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